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Instructions and Tips

Follow this Instructions to make sure that your request is valid.

  • The size of a single file can be upto 20MB.
  • Upload as many files as possible of your Card Type.
  • Password Protected PDFs will require to provide password.
  • Portal Accepts every document format. If your document format is not PDF
    then you have to add the password at the end of the filename.
    Example: myfilename_mypassword.doc

About Request Portal

Welcome to The Card Support Request Portal.
Here we enable our users to Request Support for their Card.

The Portal Accepts every file format. PDF DOC and Images have a higher priority.
Currently we support Cropping of Aadhaar Card, PAN Card and JAN Aadhaar Card.

The Request support portal is open for everyone. Just Upload your files and
We will try to add the Support soon.